The Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) was formed in 1934 in order to regulate and enhance the training of construction apprentices in Scotland.

SBATC was created by the Scottish Building Federation and quickly started an apprentice registration scheme in partnership with the trade unions which introduced standardised, collectively bargained terms and conditions of employment for all building apprentices including rates of pay, working hours and the duration of the relevant time-served period.  

This programme was hugely successful and ensured that construction apprentices in Scotland were trained to a high level whilst being treated fairly at work.  When CITB was formed in 1964, SBATC shaped the formal qualifications that would become integrated into all craft apprenticeships. CITB and SBATC would work closely for many decades with employers only able to claim grant funding if their apprentice was registered with SBATC.

In the 1980's SBATC designed and added a 'skills test' to all craft apprenticeships with SBATC providing the industry experts to assess the tests.