Craft Apprenticeships

SBATC registers apprentices in nine traditional craft occupations at SCQF Level 6 (SVQ3); 

  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Bricklaying
  • Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Stonemasonry
  • Decorative Floorlaying
  • Roof Slating and Tiling
  • Wood Machining
  • Plastering  

The trade apprenticeships listed above require apprentices to complete a four year time-served period of apprenticeship. Apprentices attend college in 1st year for approximately 19 weeks and a further 11 weeks in 2nd year. In third year, there is an option to attend an Advanced Craft programme which is an additional 'bolt-on' to the  required apprenticeship programme.

Apprentices must also complete a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate the work and learning that has occurred in the workplace. In the final six months of the apprenticeship, craft apprentices must pass a 'skills test' to verify that they can operate at the necessary standard required by the industry.  

Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship both the apprentice and the employer are bound by the SBATC collectively bargained terms and conditions of apprenticeship which include provisions for matters such as pay, working hours, overtime and holidays.