SBATC agreed rates of pay for registered construction apprentices in Scotland effective from Monday 24 June 2019.  Due to the coronus pandemic, there has not been any further new rates of pay issued as yet in 2020 and the 2019 rates of pay remain in place for the time being; 

2019 SBATC Apprentice Rates of Pay SVQ Level 3 

2019 SBATC Apprentice Rates of Pay SVQ Level 2 


The SBATC Indenture Registration form is available here: APPRENTICESHIP INDENTURE AGREEMENT


For candidates seeking to retrieve their apprenticeship papers, please complete the SBATC Apprenticeship Replacement Certificate Search Form here: SBATC Apprenticeship Replacement Certificate Search Form


To extend the duration of the apprenticeship following a period of furlough leave, please complete and return the form here: SBATC APPRENTICESHIP EXTENSION AGREEMENT COVID-19 - an accompanying draft cover letter for employers is also available here: SBATC APPRENTICESHIP EXTENSION COVER LETTER COVID-19

It is important to note that SBATC is not mandating the extension of registered apprenticeships. Instead, both the Employer and the Apprentice must consent to the extension if it is to be applied.

However, SBATC would recommend the extension of the apprenticeship duration wherever it is considered possible, dependent on the circumstances of each individual business and apprentice. In particular, it is recognised that some apprentices in their final year may not have had access to their skills test as yet and in such circumstances it is strongly recommended that the apprenticeship is extended to incorporate the skills test if at all possible.      

Employers who wish to extend the duration of their apprentice’s time-served period following a period of furlough leave should forward the completed and signed extension agreement to SBATC (emails to SBATC attaching the signed extension agreement will be accepted in the circumstances: There is no fee or cost associated with submitting the signed and completed extension agreement to SBATC and this approach will ensure that all apprentice records are accurately kept up to date.

Extending the apprenticeship will represent a formal variation of contact and will delay the anniversary date on which an apprentice progresses from one year to the next and therefore one pay level to the next. However, the completion date of the apprenticeship will also be delayed by a corresponding period at the end of the final year.  

Please do not hesitate to contact SBATC directly on 0131 556 8866 should you wish to discuss the possible extension of your apprentice’s time-served period.

The CICV Forum has developed practical health and safety guidance for staff and apprentices preparing to return to college: CICV Forum Lessons to be Learned